Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So a couple of days ago my friend Wendy invited us to her girls' (twins) birthday party today. For gifts I like to ask what the birthday kids are into so my hard work is more likely appreciated. Even better, Wendy said she was making the girls a puppet theater for Christmas and that puppets would be good, so the girls get a present and mom can check a couple of things off her to-do list. I went to my favorite craft blog roundup and entered in "puppet" and found the best tutorial, stopped looking as soon as I found it.  The amazingly talented/creative lady at Just Another Day In Paradise put an Old McDonald Puppet tutorial for a competition. I love all the detail, even the back of the animals are fun.

Okay, gotta get ready for the party.


cirila said...

felt well used.

Kim said...

Helena, I like these a lot! Maybe someday you could make one for Mikey? :0)
I'm always trying to keep the boy quiet at church, which isn't an easy task. I've seen the finger puppets made out of felt, but I like these more. Very cute.