Sunday, August 23, 2009


Lately Eli only calls his dad Bri.

A couple weeks ago Eli and his friend Curt had a 2 year old conversation. "Dad Gel" (Miguel) and Eli said "Dad Bri." It was pretty cute, so we decided to ask what his mom's name was..."Mom." I was pretty surprised to know that he didn't know my name. After telling him, he'll now say "Ena," short for Lena I suppose.

What he calls himself is best: E-I-Ya

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Snap Press Glee

How could someone be so excited to get such a hideous mechanism? I've only had it for an hour and have already put it together, used it, and now posted about it. I've been checking the tracking information every day, waiting for that delivery man to lug this 22 pound KAM snap press to my door on the 3rd floor. I wasn't even annoyed that he rang the doorbell during nap time. And all it does is put snaps on things.

Back in February I had just finished sewing 20 more diapers, all by myself. The first batch, that Eli currently wears, was mostly sewn by Anna while I timidly hid behind the duties of tracing, cutting, pinning, marking. She had more experience and we wanted them (60+ of them) DONE. Lets just say I was slightly frustrated when I had actually sewn my own, start to finish, and the snap machine we were using suddenly went back to its rightful owner that lives far away. If its one thing I hate, its not finishing a project. It drives me crazy. And so my pile of chocolate brown and ivory diapers has sat, snapless, for 6 months until last week I finally asked Brian if I could get a snap press. Frivolous, I know.

My argument was that I wanted all the diapers done by the time the baby comes and that there are lots of other things to snap (like this pillow, blanket, cape, quiet book, anything that would need a button, just 10 times faster) . And I can share its convenience with all my friends. Brian didn't need much convincing. If I want something enough to ask, cheapskate that I am, it must be important. Besides that, his parents must have rubbed off on him greatly. His dad is the sweetest, goofiest guy, always buys the highest quality things for his family and nothing himself (except music). And his mom has quite the stash of crafting tools and supplies, so he must've grown up thinking all women do. Mostly, I think he knows making stuff makes me happy, and that's what he wants.

I could, though, see him saving the receipt in case I open an Etsy shop or stand at the farmer's market. He's intense about the tax write-offs. More than that, he loves me and gets happy when I'm excited about my creations.


Yes, it is what it appears. He is fighting underwear. For a year now he has been using his potty without accidents, as long as we're at home and he isn't wearing a diaper or pants or anything. I'm just grateful that there's less to clean up and figure it must be a step in the right direction, even if it requires a little toddler nakiness. But a year? There must be some progress, I'm thinking. The last couple weeks he has really started to talk more and has finally decided to tell us BEFORE he poops in a diaper (when he happens to be wearing one at home). Surely he's responsible enough for undies. If I could only get them on him. After a year of going without I'm sure he doesn't see the need.

Sunday the idea was new and he wore them willingly. He even kept them dry the whole time. I've realized that rewards for #1 in the potty are more crucial than #2. I'm thinking the IF part of my IF THEN statement is too long:

IF you wear your undies and pull them on to go potty and pull them back up THEN you get a chocolate chip.

Lately he even peals off his shirt, saying "owie," which can merely mean "uncomfortable". I let him get cold to talk him into clothes, but he insists he only needs a blanket.

Just in case you're wondering what its like at our house.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Are those tears? Poor kid. He's recovering from a temper tantrum in dad's sympathetic arms. As if he was the victim. What would cause the largest of his few-and-far-between melt downs?... Hand holding.

It has to be almost two years now, the boy won't let Brian and me hug, sit near each other, or hold hands. He always squeezes himself between us and usually pushes Brian away. Because we're not newly weds its not a big deal and we usually cooperate to keep the peace after letting him know that we love him AND each other and offer to let him join in. After asking many others, Eli's the only kid we've heard of with this expectation: to be the only one to get love from mom. We always thought it was kind of funny and when telling a friend about it, she said we should just keep holding hands and not give in. Ya, this kid's not boss.

Besides that, he has a sister on the way and will have to share us with her. He won't even let Charlie sit on my lap. Not a good sign, even if he is gentle with and interested in the little babies he's met. It's time to break him of this. I don't think a "phase" lasts 2/3 of a person's life and will not likely stop within 3 months.

Tonight on a nice Sunday stroll, Eli pushed his bike while we followed. When he discovered our illegal hand-holding and we didn't comply with his orders to separate, the screaming began. As we all know, all logic and listening disappears with a tantrum, so we headed home. We must've been quite a site to all those people we passed. A dad holding a flailing two-year old in one arm while holding hands with his un-phased and happy pregnant wife carrying a bike.

I've never said this here yet, but any advice would be welcomed.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bear Lake: Everyone's Favorite

This weekend we went to the lake with our friends, the Robins, and also met up with my parents. We all love that it's a pretty short drive (2 1/2 hrs) to reach water and sand and a chance to escape the heat; it was almost 20 degrees cooler up there. Now that I think about it, we also had different reasons for liking it.

Eli got to play with his two favorite people in the world, Emi (his most beloved friend) and Grandpa Al (the funnest adult ever). He even got to ride there with Emi, his first trip without us. At the lake he wasn't much for the sand (messy) and water (chilly) and didn't even like going out in the boat. Thank goodness for the company.

Brian is always excited for the raspberry shakes and lounging in a tube on the lake, espcially with friends. This time he was also crazy about the musical, Annie Get Your Gun, we saw at the little theater in town.

For me it was a special treat the first night to put the boy to bed in the cabin and sit out around the fire, roasting marshmallows and talking with friends. It felt like a date. I loved seeing my boys so happy, espcially their slumber parties that gave me my own bed.