Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tracy Aviary

Winter is boring.  I figured this out the other day when I realized our only weekday excitement comes from going to visit Roxy. Most days its the only time we leave home.  And then my sister made me jealous.  We talked on the phone the other morning when it had snowed for hours and hours.  On the other end of the line she was at the playground with her two-year old in 70 degree weather.  I don't need 70, even 40 feels warm.  So I picked today to use up an about-to-expire groupon for the Tracy Aviary since temperatures are above freezing and the pollution advisory doesn't start unti tomorrow.

It wasn't crowded, so that was good.  And Esme loves to wear her mittens, and that helps. And most of the birds were out, which was surprising.  I really felt sorry for the flamingos.  Tropical birds surrounded by snow.  The peacocks were fun to watch, wandering around the grounds.  Esme got just as excited as she does seeing other animals.

although you can't tell here

The only one with enough sass to show his feathers was a teenager.  Not so impressive,
but he wasn't self conscious.

The best part was feeding some parrots.  I thought Eli would chicken out for sure, but he didn't.  

In fact, he took his job quite seriously.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Walking Is Not The Problem

For some reason people say you're in for trouble when your child starts walking.  Totally untrue.  When they start moving-rolling, crawling- that's when the trouble starts.  Walking does not cause any problems, if anything it's extra cute seeing such a little person teetering around. Esme took her first steps the day after Christmas but only walks with assistance, like this grocery cart.

The real danger arises from a newfound desire to climb.  She gets all kinds of places, especially when there's a step stool or big brother there to help. 

This was her idea, and that is the clothes dryer.

She loves electronics.  Access to the laptop got her to take her first steps.  Now she has mastered climbing up the chair to beat up on the mouse and keyboard.  She didn't climb up on the desk this time.

For now I can just keep chairs pushed in and the step stool put away, but soon she'll realize she can get them out to make more mischief. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Perfect Pet

My visiting teachee recently got a puppy and needs someone to check in on her while she's at work.  Eli loves our midday visits to Roxie.  It must be enough for him because he doesn't ask for a dog.

We used to have a pet.  Remember Charlie?  I am sad to admit that I was relieved when the cat disappeared  just before Esme was born.  Eli was always beating up on the poor cat, I avoided petting him so his hair wouldn't get all over, and he was constantly making trouble.  I hope he just went to a nicer family and that nothing bad happened to him.

I've learned that we are not pet people.  I do not get woken up or clean up poop for an animal, only for humans, preferably babies.

So for 20 minutes a day Eli gets to pretend he has a dog.  All I do is unlock the door, he runs in and  lets her out to go potty, refills her food, and plays with her.  So responsible.  He loves her so much, talking in a sweet voice, saying things like "Bye Roxie-poo, see you tomorrow."  Pure fun.  No house-training or wimpers keeping us up all night. Definitely the perfect pet.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Esme's Quiet Book

I'm a week late, but happy with the result.  Little bit fun, little bit educational.

Decorate snowman, easter egg, and pumpkin with cutouts from pocket.
Looks like I need a carrot nose and coal eyes.  Expanded idea from here.

Cat and dog share a house, but not food. Thank you craft store for the cat/dog

Mini fishing game, super-strong magnets make it a little too easy.

Eyelets help the hands move and hopefully make it harder for them to get ripped off.

My favorite page.  Mama sits in a chair, 

reads baby a story, and puts her to bed.  Mama/baby copied from here.

Button flowers (I've still never sewn a button hole on the sewing machine).

Match shapes and snap on/off.