Friday, March 27, 2009

Morning Sickness Tricks

It started a couple weeks earlier this time, but with less force. I was worried it would get worse at the regular 8 weeks, so I searched early for help at this natural health store. I walked away with chewable ginger tablets for on-the-spot relief, vitamin B complex supplements, and a little jar of tiny homeopathic sugar pills. I believe especially in the latter two, after a bad morning yesterday because I didn't take the B vitamins the day before and the fact that I stopped throwing up in the mornings after starting the little sugar pills which dissolve under your tongue. They are also good because swallowing pills and keeping them down is getting harder.

Food plays a big role too, as we all know. Last time I learned that starch made me feel better and I've been relying on baked potatoes and bean burritos. Nice breakfast, huh? This week I have splurged. I've already had miso soup and a shrimp tempura roll twice. Yesterday I had Brian pick up a salami at a good store in town on his way home. It is an open-face sandwich of artisan bread, unsalted butter, and $25/lb Sopressata Salami that got me feeling good enough to post after almost 2 weeks. Yes, thoroughly cooked sushi and salami I consider okay because it hasn't been processed and sliced in some plant months ago.

There are my excuses meant to keep "aren't you not supposed to eat..." comments away. They drive me crazy. As poor Brian's dad learned when my stresses came to a head 3 years ago. We went to a fancy dinner and I couldn't eat my veal because it was pink in the center (and had to eat some yucky, chewy clams which I had learned too much about after going clamming), I was a schmuck for eating chocolate mousse I was sure contained uncooked egg whites, and then when we got home the poor guy offered me a slice of salami. I lost it and started crying. No melt downs yet, but we'll see.

My First Bag

It is very flawed and the pattern was crazy complex, but at least it's finished. Ever since Anna sent me a link to make this bag I knew I must make it, especially since my current mom tote is getting holey.

Luckily I started it before the nausea set in and Anna was my sewing buddy and her mom was our supervision and sewing expert. Very necessary for a project with so many pieces and thick layers and things going wrong, like corners coming undone after turning it right side out.

There are lots of mistakes if you look too close, but I learned tons, like how to make a basic tote in 5 minutes (not 5 hours) which were the lady's instructions for the liner. The main thing I learned was not to make a bag this way, but it turned out pretty well. She did have a quality bag in mind when designing this, it has a liner (made mine waterproof), all kinds of pockets, heavy interfacing for structure, and an added piece on the bottom for wear and tear.

It wasn't until the last few steps where you make a liner that I got excited about making bags, it's so easy I might experiment one of these days and put up a tutorial.

Monday, March 16, 2009

no motivation

Usually during Eli's naps I'm prepping for dinner or sewing something, but lately I just sleep. I've gone from an extreme sewing machine to someone that won't even spend 15 minutes to finish a month-late birthday gift. 3 more gifts are sitting on the microwave, waiting for me to go to the post office.

Brian on the other hand, is amazing. All weekend he cooked and cleaned cheerfully and wants to know the chores I need him to do. Mainly the stinky stuff: empty out old left-overs, take out the trash, feed the cat his canned food, put diapers in the washer (although he won't ever scrub a poopie one, despite their rarity, so I must hold my breath and pretend I'm dealing with melted chocolate). I wonder if being a housewife and mom of a small child has ever been on Dirty Jobs.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Here I go again, Brian will find out about this soon enough. Practically everyday he's been asking when he can call his parents. Maybe they'll call him...

If all goes well, there should be a new baby around here in early November.

I just couldn't wait another 6 weeks until the hallowed 12th week- It's Now Safe To Announce time. I couldn't even wait to get home or let alone have Brian there to take the test, right after I bought it Eli and I ran to the bathroom. Happy, life-changing event, right there in Wal-mart. Besides, I'd rather spill the joyous news while I'm still feeling good about it and not barfing 10 times a day, no euphemisms when feeling like that. Sunday started the "you must eat every two hours to keep nausea at bay even though nothing sounds good" (except fast food) routine.

Brian is very excited to have someone that he can cuddle for hours on end (and who won't complain about it) and is already asking if the little one can sleep in our bed. I wonder if he knows he/she already is.

I'm grateful for the 3 year space. Eli should be a good helper with his tidy and somewhat obedient and responsible nature.

Luckily, for Brian and his Asian notions, he got a son first, so it doesn't matter what this one is. For what its worth, some Chinese Lunar predictor says it will be a girl.

It's going to be a long wait, but I'll need the time for deciding a name (I guess Brian could have some input) despite my indecisiveness and sewing projects, I've been getting jealous of all the cute things I give to other people.

So there we go. That's how everybody finds out. The most dedicated readers first, I suppose. Ah! I'm going to click "publish post" now! And then get a snack, my nap and all this typing made me hungry.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Eager For Spring

In the past couple of weeks we've braved the strong south winds that brought a few days of temperatures warm enough to go to the playground. This winter it's been too warm for snow to stick-we haven't even been able to go sledding- but too cold to play outside otherwise. I've forgotten what we've been missing out on.

I'm especially excited at all the good shots I can get of my always-moving boy thanks to all the light outside. Poor Eli probably thinks photo shoots always accompany a trip to the playground.

Being Charlie

It started the first time Eli saw the cat licking himself. He thought it was the funniest thing, but only copied that once or twice. Other than that, he mimics almost everything the Charlie does. Even if we're away from home he sometimes transforms into a serious, crawling, meowing toddler. We go along with it, petting him and calling him "Charlie." Tell me if this is bad, as I stopped reading baby/parenting books once I got him sleeping.

At home he tries to climb and perch on the highest point he can get to. He even uses the stairs as a scratching post too. The last few days I have caught him twice, after some eerie silence around the house, laying prostrate on the ground with his face in the cat's bowl, enjoying the new cat food while Charlie patiently waits for his turn.