Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My mom raised us girls to be independent. Besides teaching me things like basic cooking, sewing, and the likes, every year I was gone from home for a month visiting my dad. At 18 I hopped on a train with all my belongings and went off to college by myself. I couldn't relate to the other girls in the dorms crying over homesickness, I thought they were silly to be honest. I've always lived far from family and it would sometimes make me sad, but now that I have kids it is much harder.

This last month we've been lucky enough to have constant visitors. Thanks Esme. My mom, sister, Brian's sister, his parents, and then my parents, one after the other. Eli loved it. People that love him come and play... Then they have to leave once he's attached. Sometimes he cried, other times he was just somber, but he always ran to the window to yell out as they got in their cars. After we closed the door behind our last visitor I cried. I feel terrible doing this to him. Now I know why our friends from around here choose to stay near family.
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There's No Place Like Home

That's what the kids and I say now that it's winter. The frigid, "fun" snow is not enticing at all. It's like pulling teeth to get Eli in his snow suit and out there with Brian. It's only happened twice since the first snow.

Esme never likes getting out, always ends up screaming no matter how well-fed and rested I get her before heading out. A couple weeks ago I thought she was screaming from gas, but I've realized she hates being awake more than an hour, so sticking put so I can get her to bed exactly when she needs it works best.

Luckily we love our condo, which now boasts a large outdoor freezer. Eli has enough space and too many toys to keep him busy. And for some reason all my hobbies revolve around the home. I enjoy cooking, need to clean before I can relax. If boredom ever set in I have sewing projects in mind, bread recipes to try, and fudge recipes calling my name.

If cabin fever does set in in a couple months we'll probably go somewhere warm-relatively speaking- like Moab.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2 New Christmas Traditions

Both of which came to me yesterday. And I don't mean I thought of them. Brian's sweet mom gave us THE most beautiful carved olive wood nativity. It's so lovely I can't even find more words to describe it. So I'll continue.

And my visiting teachee (that does more for me than I do for her) brought some treats, including my new obsession: chocolate-dipped, crushed-candy-cane sprinkled oreos. I'm not a zealous oreo or candy cane fan, but the combination is magical.


That's what we all call her, although she probably prefers Amanda. She grew up with Brian in Idaho and will be staying with us for a while. Luckily she loves kids and enjoys baking. (Brian has considered charging rent in loaves of bread and cinnamon rolls. Even luckier... she's a baby nurse at Primary Children's Hospital. Brian and I considered ourselves experts since Esme is our second baby. This morning I realized, the only thing we learned from Eli was why the baby was crying. Manders is teaching us how to solve the problem and stop the crying. I've finally learned the perfect swaddle, even one to keep the binki in the mouth, how to clean a tiny dry, stuffy nose, and that a hot pad on the belly works better than gas drops.

Hmm...we should have her guest post to answer questions...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Esme's Blessing Day

Esme didn't have a giant entourage like the customary Utah baby blessing, but she looked lovely and Brian was eloquent as usual. Brian's parents are here from Oregon and his grandma, aunt, and cousins were able to come as well as our friends Anna and Joe. Eli was thrilled to play while Esme was tired of the whole thing by the time we could take pictures. We were only at church for half an hour or so, but she screamed in vain for her necessary swaddling and dark, quiet room to fall asleep. Anna worked her magic and got Esme to calm down, so we got a few pictures of her without her head thrown back and screaming. It was really nice to be with family and show off our little angel.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

1st Suit

Frank, Brian's dad, has been proud of this suit for 25 years since he first bought it for Brian. He always brings up how expensive and classy it was. I think Eli agrees.
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Going Goofy

Eli has always been the more quiet, reserved kid among his little buddies. Quietly playing trains for hours and keeping his room clean. He's been known as being clingy, scared of anything loud, and very cautious. In the last few months he's proved to be surprisingly silly and even bossy with people he doesn't even know that well. He even likes the thrill of climbing the stairs from outside the banister. Most of his goofiness comes from imitating, and in these two pictures it was posing like Esme and eating Thanksgiving pie like a cat.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Super Dad

I should make him a cape with a big "D." He always argued the number of kids should be how many you can fit in a car (not minivan, not SUV, a car). It makes more sense to base it on the number of arms.

Maybe it should be super husband since he's always wanting to give me breaks and make sure I get naps. He finds it a treat to wake up and take Esme when crankiness can no longer be caused by hunger. Tonight he came home from work and made a fabulous dinner while watching two (awake) kids so I could shower (which I now consider a spa retreat). Then he did all the dishes. Right now the boys are going out for ice cream and once Eli's in bed it will be Esme's turn for endless oogling and kisses.

Gosh, I hope this doesn't make anyone jealous...he's mine.

1 Month

I feel like she was just born yesterday. We tell her all the time that she can't get any bigger. She seems to be listening, luckily we don't have a scale. And Brian introduced her to the binki last week, trying to decide if I love it or hate it. She is getting good at holding up that sweet little head and even cooed for the first time last night. It was directed at Eli, which is surprising since she usually cries when he comes close or touches her, even though he's as gentle as a 3 year old can be. Every day I feel so lucky to be with the two of them, especially during one on one time.