Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm using that word a lot it seems, but it sounds better than jealous. Eli has a couple of friends (Curt and Zeke) that already have their little sisters. My visiting teaching companion, who also has a two year old boy, is even due the same day as me with a girl. In Relief Society some ladies were remembering that they were worried about being able to love #2 as much as the first. I find that incomprehensible.

I'm beginning to wonder if I would be quite this enthusiastic if were weren't expecting a girl. I've finally got the desire to sew again and even made something totally unnecessary instead of napping yesterday. A reversible tote for my 5 year old niece. Now I have it in my head that pillowcase dresses are the "best thing since sliced bread" (not that I find the stuff good). I got out a stack of pillowcases embroidered by Brian's grandma with dreams of making baby heirlooms and was about to skip today's nap when I realized our little one wouldn't even need it for 2 more years. She won't even be here for 4 more months.

Until then I'll appreciate my quiet nights, her little thumps, and one-on-one time with my sweet toddler. How much longer will he yells "mom!" every five seconds for half an hour straight (no matter how often and sweetly I answer) if exciting things like buses, trains, animals or toys are in view. Right now I'm the coolest person and he's excited to cook and clean or do nothing with me. He teaches me that a snail on the sidewalk, stopping to watch for the train to pass, and seeing the moon in the sky are the good things in life.

Man, am I the only one with wet eyes after that last paragraph? Probably.

Hopefully he'll be as enthralled by a little sister.

Friday, June 19, 2009

And I Thought Pregnancy Was Uncomfortable

Her first check-up went perfectly. I was so relieved I cried.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Next to Soo Bahk, I think it's Brian's favorite thing to do. Weather permitting, he has the goal of going fishing every weekend this summer. The first two Saturdays have been Silver Lake Flat behind Mt. Timpanogos in American Fork Canyon. Beautiful, huh?

The less crowded and more out of the way the lake is, the better for my rural Idahoan, although that makes the drive longer and more treacherous. Thanks for the Jeep, father-in-law Frank. It's coming in mighty handy.

I don't mind the journey, as long as there's food and Eli's happy. In that order. Eli doesn't mind either. He loves exploring the bank and forest for sticks and rocks and animals (chipmunks and humming birds so far), although he's still too timid to touch the fish, so he makes me do it.

When it comes to eating them, he's quite eager. The first time we brought out the serving dish with the one lonely fish caught that day, he was seriously concerned about the missing head.

So, if it's Saturday morning and the weather is nice, you know what we'll be doing. If anyone knows of any good fishing holes, please tell. Brian's dedicated enough to drive into Wyoming. And if you want to come we have an extra pole and would love company. Don't worry, we bring all the comforts of home.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Time Out By The Bookcase

I almost felt bad about putting Eli in time out for hitting me when I returned after the timer dinged to my little man reading the Bible.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Medical Evidence No Longer Required

Truly realizing I'm pregnant seems to come in stages. It takes a while to swallow big news, right? I remember with Eli how weird it was those first few weeks because I felt normal. But, the test was positive...Then comes the sickness. This time stress over a miscarriage or something being wrong with the baby made me somewhat relieved when the nausea would return.

Lately my showing has become obvious, with the first stranger comment today at Walmart. Maybe she just noticed the on sale newborn-size Gerber shirts I was buying. But even a growing belly isn't a tell-tale sign with all the bloating and digestion issues that first make a person outgrow their waste bands (as if I had a flat stomach to begin with).

Hearing the heartbeat at the doctor's is really amazing, although it only lasts a couple seconds a month. But now I have had the final confirmation yet, and the most exciting. A couple nights ago I laid in bed with my hands on my belly and felt a little thump. 17 weeks.

Another little thump just reminded me to write.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It May Not Seem Like A Miracle To You

But finding just the right tankini was a momentous occasion for me. Swim suit shopping is the worst because finding the perfect one is nearly impossible. It's like wedding dress shopping: driving all over, trying all possible stores and coming across many duds, except this time I have a wiggly two-year old trying to get lost and escaping fitting rooms while I'm quite vulnerable. I feel like I'm a normal enough person until the need for well-fitting swim attire arises, then I think I must be shaped like a sideways pear. And I'm not even too worried about pastiness and extra pounds, it's just that stores don't seem to think that a woman might want some coverage and support on top (wait until I throw maternity in there, that might be an impossible combination). It's either saggy granny or hangin' out hootchie. I was really distraught when Nordy's couldn't even help me in my willingness to spend big bucks. But there is some light at the end of this tunnel.

After some research I found that one store in Utah carries Lands End bathing suits--normally just online and known for fit and quality-- a Sears at a mall right down the road (chalk another one up for city life, honey). It was amazing this morning, the fact that they had suits with underwires as well as them being made specifically to flatter certain body types (triangle, inverted triangle, etc) and a helpful employee ta boot, I felt like giving them more money than they were asking. I even ended up getting a skirt bottom, which I always considered to be for the self-conscious, instead I just look like a cute tennis player. Maybe Eli won't be as embarrassed of his mom at our mom-n-tot swimming lessons that start next week. Now I can't wait.