Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Eli!

Eli's been growing up so much the last few weeks. First with the potty training, then he wanted to sleep in his new bunk bed (on top!), he's talking so much more, even his new hair cut makes him look older. Despite all this change, he's still obsessed with trains, and it ended up being perfect that it was trick-or-treat day at the zoo on his birthday.

After a donut breakfast we headed to the zoo, train conductor costume in hand. We rode the little train at the zoo first thing with our miniature conductor. He loved the animals and pushing Percy all over the place. It was the perfect start to an Eli day.

The poor boy did have a nap, just to keep away crankiness and let Brian go shopping. But when he woke up it was presents (including more trains), dinner of noodles and shrimp, and my attempt at a Thomas birthday cake. He loved it, except that the train and animals were getting messy with frosting. He ate the tracks.

We did our best to show him how much we love him. It was pretty rewarding to see him so happy and excited all day.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Unplanned...Potty Training

As we know I don't really stress about Eli's development, like he should be saying this many words at this age, but we were at an impasse with potty training. A year ago I noticed that if he didn't wear a diaper (or anything, actually) he would use his potty on his own and I'd save money/laundry. The practice couldn't hurt either. Every few months I would pull out some underwear and they were either immediately wet or on the floor. His toddler potty books weren't changing his mind. Who cares if Caillou wears undies.

Before the baby sounds good too. It sure would reduce the bulk of my mom bag if I didn't have to bring one or two extra outfits for each kid. Besides that, the seasons have been changing and I've been worried that my little hippie might always be cold at home, so I checked out some how-to potty training books the last time we were at the library for story time. Obviously I was tantalized by "How to Potty Train In One Day" and began reading that first. I was worried we'd been at the same stage so long Eli would never take to change and assumed I should read several books before trying, I'd rather be an expert than someone frantically trouble-shooting. He must've read it before me, because all the steps just happened.

In the middle of this week I was only 1/3 done with the first book when he ran up and let me know that he needs a green train (Percy, whom he calls "green pee pees"), he has never done this. We just kind of combined everything I'd read with what I remember my sister doing and things just fell into place. A few days earlier the dollar section at Target had Sesame Street incentive/progress charts. He even used his favorite stuffed animal as a potty buddy (one of the suggestions in the book) that would also go and wash hands and get a sticker. It was a little daunting for him, but he finally understood: successful potty trips following all the steps give you a sticker, once you fill up the chart, you can have Percy. The first couple of days involved some impatient whining and moaning about "green pee pees" while he laid on the floor, but it's gotten better.

In these 4 days all his awake hours have been in undies and there has only been one accident while I browsed Ikea water-proof matress protectors (for the bunk bed he's getting today!!). I have been worried since I feel like I always have to ask him to go while we're gone from home rather than waiting for him to tell me.

Last night was the most exciting step forward. During a baby-sitting swap he was in a playland with his friend when he ran to Brian saying he needed to go and "hurry." Other parents smiled and got out of the way when they saw Brian and Eli running to the back of the restaurant. It was even the last sticker. One more hour until the toy store opens...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Late Pregnancy Perks

There are some benefits to being 8 months along. And I've been thinking long and hard. Here they are in the order they came to mind:

-My stomach is actually tight and firm, despite being a little rotund.

-Strangers are more polite, holding doors, giving up a spot in line, or insisting on carrying things for me.

-Food is no longer the enemy now that the nausea is gone.

-My husband is uber helpful, cheezy, and grateful (either that he doesn't have to do this, or that I am)

-Nesting has my house quite orderly.

-SHE will be here soon. It gets a little more real every day. I watch and feel her kicks from the outside too, triple proof.

-Realizing how close we are makes me cherish my one-on-one time with the boy more. I just want to spoil him with fun and love.

Don't judge the order, please.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

All By Myself

Coming from a mom, that is not a pitiful declaration. Brian has taken the boy fishing today and told me to do nothing productive. What does he think I am, a single college student on a reading day before finals?! That is no longer possible.

It was almost noon and I had spent all my time tidying, doing two loads of laundry and the dishes until I finally decided I could ignore my hungry belly and greasy hair any longer. So I've sat down for some caprese (heavy on the cheese) and dark chocolate and posting. Ah.. a quiet meal without nagging for each bite to go in a scrawny boy's mouth (although he will eat anything, for that I am grateful). Only a coke with lemon would make this perfect.

And now I must hurry and get outta here, the fishing didn't work out and they're on their way home. It's sad to say I almost got teary watching Eli out the window, climbing into the Jeep to leave me, but now I feel an urgency to leave before he sees me. Hope the outlets in Park City aren't too crazy and that my tiring body and achy hips don't mind my grandiose shopping plans.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I feel like a genius for having us go to the pumpkin patch last night, it was so much fun. It was a first for our little family and luckily we found a great one (Mabey's in South Jordan). I love supporting mom and pop operations; it was so small-town you just knock on their front door when you've made your selection and are ready to pay. She eye-balled our loot and said "$15." We were a little worried we about getting carried out there and had no way to track weight, plus I remember my sister saying something about spending $50 for a couple of pumpkins at a patch once, must've been in Berkley.

Eli searched patiently for small ones he could point out as "babies" and I was looking for beautiful ones while Brian kept mentioning the type good for eating. I'm so practical they will all, but one jackolantern, will end up as mush in due time.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Family

The whole reason for our trip, right. So Eli finally met his grandpa and got to see his aunt and cousin again after two years. We even saw a couple of my uncles and a handful of cousins.

The 12 year age difference didn't matter to him, he knew my niece, Cirila, was still a kid. She pretended to be into cars and marbles. She was the only person Mr. Clingy would be in a different room with.

Grandpa ("Grosspapi") trying to show the ever-cautious Eli how fun the slide was. He never went down.

Despite everyone's efforts to warm up to him, Eli never left my side, especially after Brian left. Well, actually, I got to go to the bathroom by myself twice, but he always came running after a minute. He did like everyone, though. He was always excited when my sister Simone was coming up the walk way, "Mone! Mone!" and when we got on the plane to come home, he said he wanted to go to "Bop's home." The night we got home he even cried because he missed my dad, sister, niece, and Heidi.

Don't tell Brian, but he didn't get as upset when he realized his dad had left us while we were still there.