Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Are What You Buy

Sometimes I feel powerful at the grocery store.  Telling big business what's important to comsumers. Whole foods, organics, free range meat/eggs.  Then someone walks by with a cart full of frozen meals, sugar cereal, ice cream, soda, chips and bottled water-a great farse.

Brian thinks I'm a snob.  It's not that, I happen to love an occasional box of mac-n-cheese, hot dogs, or a nice cold coke every couple months.  It's actually a combination of cheapness and guilt.  I can't bear to spend good money on high fructose corn syrup or support companies that harm animals and the land to make their product cost less.

A few times I've heard people say they want to eat healthier or incorporate more vegetables.  My theory is you just have to change what you buy.  And the internet has so many recipes there's no excuse.  It might only work for intense people like me that don't let anything go bad.

Now I'm having to confront my past purchases from the marvelous bulk section of Winco.  You can buy any dry food for cheap without using any packaging at all if you reuse bags.  In anticipation of moving sometime in the next few months I'm trying to use up all the food in our pantry so we don't have to move it.  Now I have all kinds of grains staring me in the face.

The other night was barley risotto. Last night, a sort of chickpea stew over brown rice.  I was worried what Brian would say about our 3rd vegetarian/vegan meal in a row.  Luckily he came home starving and  raved about it. I think I'll treat the poor guy with a roast chicken tonight.  He always acts like its Christmas when there's a golden bird coming out of the oven.


Monday, April 18, 2011

not always "Good To Be Home"

Last night we got back from a week of visiting my sisters in California.  We're glad to be out of the car, but that's about it.  Eli cried when it was time to go and I got teary too.

My sister in Switzerland was coming out and I was obviously going too.  Every few years the three of us are actually together. A really big treat.  Those of you close to family need to appreciate, just saying.

I took 300 pictures, but I'll spare you.  Here's a summary.

The Drive

Haven't seen one of these in ages, probably so unsafe they're illegal.
Go to the city park in Winnemucca for a fix. 

Just Another Sunday At Church

Muir Woods

Pier 39

Posing on the Ferry

California Academy of Sciences

Japanese Tea Garden

Eli loved this crazy bridge, went over 3 or 4 times.
Didn't mind hogging it from the other tourists.

China Town-
Brian's Only Request

Best store, Brian went crazy.
Not Pets, especially the quartered turtle
Dim Sum lunch where the locals go, New Asia.

Oldest Buddhist temple in SF, was worried Eli
was going to take an orange from the offering plates.

Brian's very own family name stamp.

Baker Beach
All the cousins

Loved the sand so much she wore it on her lips.

The End