Friday, February 18, 2011


I'm not opinionated about too many things, especially when it comes to clothes.  But shoes, especially children's shoes, is where I really get picky.  I don't know a thing about fashion or trends, I just can't bear to spend money on cheaply-made shoes, even for the kids, who are constantly growing.  This week I finally found a pair of shoes good enough AND on sale, although they are technically boy shoes.  Sorry Esme.  I've been searching for some shoes for her that meet my criteria for so many months I almost gave in and paid full price at Nordstrom. Although I don't regret the last time I did that because Esme is wearing these hand-me-downs from Eli for a second winter.

I think my requests aren't asking too much.  If sandals, they should cover the toes and hold on to the heel. Then they should have thin, flexible soles, be made of real leather, and have rubber that comes over the toes so they don't get scuffed the first time worn.  I have to say, when I see little kids, say 3 or under, running around in flip flops, I cringe at the thought of them falling and scraping their knee.  Even this nice brand of shoes makes baby shoes (up to 24 months) slippery on the bottom.

Luckily my kids seem to grow slowly, usually wearing a pair of shoes for a year.  And the quality shoes hold up so well they can be used on kid after kid. (Although Brian would say there's no need for them to hold up for more than two kids).  So far Keens and Crocs have been my go-to brands, although these Morgan & Milo's might be a new favorite.  If anyone else knows of a good brand, I'd be happy to hear.

I guess Esme's been pretty spoiled with comfortable feet. when I put them on her the first couple of times, she cried and walked like she was wearing big clown shoes and tried to kick them off.


Sarah Flib said...

I actually have strong feelings about kid's shoes, too. I tried to get cheap one time and get M. some $10 shoes from Target, but she hated them and wouldn't keep them on. I just don't think they were very comfortable. Usually I get Pedipeds; M. also has some Striderites that we both love.

The Pedipeds that look slippery on the bottom actually aren't slippery at all. And even though they look like they would get all scuffed, they don't at all. They hold up really well and can EASILY be used for more than one child. M. had a pair of the soft-sole Pedipeds that she wore almost every day from about 10 to 18 months. She was running around on dirt and sand and rocks and sidewalks the whole time, but she never slipped and the soles still look PERFECT. It's pretty crazy. Give them a try sometime and I bet you'll like them. Or better yet, try M.'s on and see if they work. My next baby won't need them for a while.

Sky Buffat said...

Hi again Helena:) MMB: mormon mommy blogs :) I clicked to you in the slice of life section I think

Don- Ash -Carter said...

I am picky about shoes too! I always buy Carter shoes from Striderites. You can tell the difference in quality and they have the soft soles, and the harder ones for when they are older and running around (for more support). They are expensive (35.00+), which seems expensive to me when he needs a new pair every month and a half or so (he's almost at a 7 now! yikes , big feet like daddy, hehe) but I would not put anything else on him. Our feet are too important, and even more so when I know he can't tell me they are rubbing or hurting. So I make sure I have the best quality so there is a slim chance of them ill-flitting. The other month I got him a nice pair of brown leather for church and a fun "sandal" type, which Velcros over the top and covers the toes and comes up over the heel. As of right now I always have him wear thin socks with them (sandal), until he gets older and can express more of his "they are rubbing or not" thoughts. We go to the park and get too much sand in them, so will always wear socks right now... :) Happy Shoe Shopping!

Helena said...

Thanks Sarah! I take it back.