Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eli's Big Day Today

School is serious business.  Eli doesn't remember any names or details, but is excited to go back wearing his new Cars t-shirt Brian got for him in California.  Mousie patiently waited in his backpack the whole time.  On the way out Esme wanted a turn wearing his backpack.  It wasn't pretty. I'm going to have to get her one. Here she is while we were shopping:

She ran around making people smile and
the sensitive door alarms go off.

But this is about Eli.  Last year he was to scared to start school and this year he jumped right in. He's quite friendly, so I imagine he'll be inviting kids over all the time.  Surprisingly I didn't even tear up dropping my first child off to his first day of school.  I wasn't quite kicking my heels like the other moms.  Excited to see what kind of student he ends up being and what friends he will make.

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Grandma Corrales said...

Wow! Eli is really growing up fast! Hard to believe he's in Pre-school already. Love the pictures of your yard. Your family will build lots of wonderful memories in your new home....as for apricots, they are actually quite easy and versatile to preserve. Have fun!