Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best Big Brother

Eli's always doing thoughtful things for his sister.  On this particular day a week or two ago it was warm and I sent the kids out to play.  He saw Esme struggling and helped her into the swing and pushed her.   At playgrounds other parents are often note what a nice big brother he is.  Always helping her along and wanting to play with her.

Lately he's the one who gets her out of her crib, an awkward, almost painful feat. A few weeks ago he said "Mom, can I got get Esme?"  "No, she's still asleep" "But if she sleeps too long she'll die."  He was very concerned.    

And when someone gives him a treat, he asks for another for his sister.  I'm sure sometimes because he doesn't want to share, but other times he does it when she would never know he got a treat.

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