Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So we went shopping at our favorite market this morning and we've discovered a trick. Usually I have to go quickly before the boy gets tired of sitting in the grocery cart, but now we just give him his stroller and he walks along with us. It keeps his hands full and mind occupied. He gets lots of smiles from strangers, too. With or without the stroller and no matter of how much blue he wears, we always have one issue. People say things like, "She's so cute," or "How old is she?". Brian says he needs a hair cut and I think they're just confused because he's beautiful, so I don't mind.
Brian was gone last week in Hailey, ID to do martial arts and I thought it would be a nice surprise to get Eli a regular, conservative boy hair cut, but the more I thought about it the more I realized I just couldn't do it. This goes all the way back to when he was born and how all parents think their children are perfect. I just figure he's flawless naturally, just a trim to keep it out of his eyes. The only way I was able to go make it through the first haircut back in January was the fact that a recent photo shoot captured him in his unspoiled state(a photo from which you can see below). If you saw this child in the grocery store, what would you think, boy or girl?


Laurabelle said...

I can see why people would think girl, but strictly due to the long hair. He is a beautiful boy, and the name fits the long-ish hair. He reminds me of the type of boy I would think your high school crushes were as children. What threw me most was the pink stoller. It screams GIRL! ;p

Shannon said...

I agree that he is perfect. Don't give in to social pressures. What does that teach him? He's all boy and people just don't really take the time to think before they speak. He is the cutest! I love the pictures of him in the slide show.