Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Will I Have Anything Good to Say

I sure hope so, and Eli had better take some long naps if I'm going to end up posting anything with all my revisions and indecisiveness. Besides, friends and family, I want you to have something more exciting to read than Brian's meager and dull computer programming blog. I was just wondering-since motherhood and graduation- how long it had been since I created anything more substantial than a quickly jotted grocery list or email. Hopefully after all my toil at the keyboard a few of you important people may leave some comments so I don't feel so alone in this office during nap time. It seems we're all benefiting (Yikes, an inadvertent thesis) .


Leilani said...

Yay you have a blog! I love reading blogs. I've been thinking a long time about starting one up. Mostly, I'm worried about the name of the blog. And I guess I don't want to be an annoying blogger. Anyway, looking forward to reading yours and catching up. Eli is sooo cute!

Brian Corrales said...

You always have tons of things to say. I think it's great you're taking the time to blog about us.