Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We Love Arches

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As torturous as it is to travel with a child, we've been itching to get away.  Part was to be a treat for me since Brian's been so busy lately, plus we have to have some fun while we have only one child, a relatively easy to manage toddler.  Zion's is always an option, but the long, boring drive down the middle of the state (like unto the 5 in California) depressed me just thinking about it.  Besides, we hadn't been to Arches since before Eli was born. 

We made up our minds to go last minute when I found what must be the cheapest apartment in Moab.  It was perfect for us though, full kitchen, a couple blocks from the noise of Main St., and two extra futons-which Brian and Eli used to have a slumber party.  Aparently the porta-crib is suddenly scary.  

Arches in May.  It was so perfect we know why it is high season there- mid 70's and the desert in bloom.  We're not super outdoorsy or athletic, but we did tone down our activities since Brian and I were both carrying children.  I was disappointed that to take a boat ride on the Colorado river children must be at least 4. Instead of the Slickrock bike trail, we meandered along the river on a paved bike path that took us through town and ended at a huge playground.  As far as hiking trails, we avoided the rugged path to Delicate Arch and took shorter, safer walks, Double Arch (bottom left) being our new second favorite.  While there we noticed a light rainbow around the sun, like a halo (top left).  Eli was quite agreeable, even when we kept putting him back in the car, especially if promised we'd find another lizard at the next stop.  It was such a perfect day I'd like to think Saturday was mother's day, especially since the boys took me out to a nice dinner at a restaurant over-looking the valley.  


Leilani said...

Looks like fun! The pictures are gorgeous. My favorite is the one with you and Eli; his smile is so cute.

cirila said...

I love the pictures. Glad you had a nice mother's day weekend. Since we are LDS we don't get to go out for brunch on Sunday with the rest of the world.

Don Ashley and Tigger said...

What a beautiful day! Glad you three (four) were able to get out, relax,enjoy nature and Mothers Day! Cute Cute pics

Grandma and Grandpa Corrales said...

Who's the big boy in the pics?? He doesn't look like our grandbaby anymore, he's turned into a little boy! Helena, the pics are amazing...it looks like you had a wonderful trip. We're glad you were able to get away for a weekend. By the way...Eli has way-cool shades!
Love you all.

cristina said...

It looks so beautiful there! I want to go...lol