Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eli Talk

So talking isn't the boy's number one priority, like attaining candy or pulling Charlie's tale are. I don't worry, though, I reserve that for things like his eating and sleeping, and his babbling is just so cute. I do sometimes wonder if we'll have to be the parents that translate their toddler's talk. So far he says a few words quite clearly:

one (all numbers are 1 and all letters are A or O)

Animals are the noise they make, fish being my favorite, and train is obviously "tu."

Here's where the translating comes in. Brian finds these words so endearing he has incorporated them into his vocabulary.

moy (more)
guck (truck)
nen (candy)
bapu (this one is tricky, even for me, it can be any of the following: balloon, bubble, purple, people, or poopoo)
butts(bus-why do I include two T's? Buses are the most exciting, most common thing he sees that he must exclaim about. He usually calls them "dis", but when I coach him on how to say it, he says "butt," or if he's really trying he adds the s. A couple weeks ago he must've been concentrating, because after saying "butt" he paused and chuckled as he patted his fanny.


bcorrales said...

He's the cutest!

kim said...

Ah, I miss that little guy so much! I love hearing him talk. What a darling picture...Eli has the sweetest smile.

grandpa and grandma corrales said...

"cute"..."darling"... nope, it doesn't even begin to describe this most wonderful grandson a grandparent could ask for! What a wonderful picture...only thing to make it better would be if Grandpa and I could be there to give him a big hug and kiss!!! Thanks for making our day with this fabulous picture and article....makes us smile all over and feel soooo very blessed to have such a wonderful family be such a big part of our lives!
We love you...

Esther said...

I love that picture!

Don Ashley and Tigger said...

Oh My! SO ADORABLE! hehe what a cute smile. I love the words you have to translate!

cirila said...

my favorite entry so far.

Cristina said...

Aww so cute. Kid talk is so cute, but sometimes its a little confusing! lol

Also, about my wrists -- I can type but...I type for 8 hrs a day. It kills my wrists so I generally don't type anywhere else. Lame. I know.