Monday, September 28, 2009

Learning To Drive

This is over a year ago, can't find a more recent driving picture, but it only shows how long the boy's been obsessed with cars. It hasn't been until we got back from our trip last week that Eli's really paid attention to the rules of the road. Driving anywhere is exciting. He exclaims about trucks, buses, trains (and their tracks, ding dings, and how its the cars' turn to wait), bridges, tunnels, stop signs and even tells me how to drive. He likes to play red light, green light with his cars and got quite upset at me the other day when he noticed I turned right when the light was red. And when our neighbor was pulling out of her parking spot he reminded her "red stop, green go."

He's even a good pedestrian. I've given him a healthy fear of cars and he's very aware. I'm never rough with him, but when he saw Brian was close to being in the way of an oncoming car in a parking garage he grabbed his hand and pulled him to safety, complete with a frustrated yell and loud exhale.
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