Monday, October 5, 2009

The Family

The whole reason for our trip, right. So Eli finally met his grandpa and got to see his aunt and cousin again after two years. We even saw a couple of my uncles and a handful of cousins.

The 12 year age difference didn't matter to him, he knew my niece, Cirila, was still a kid. She pretended to be into cars and marbles. She was the only person Mr. Clingy would be in a different room with.

Grandpa ("Grosspapi") trying to show the ever-cautious Eli how fun the slide was. He never went down.

Despite everyone's efforts to warm up to him, Eli never left my side, especially after Brian left. Well, actually, I got to go to the bathroom by myself twice, but he always came running after a minute. He did like everyone, though. He was always excited when my sister Simone was coming up the walk way, "Mone! Mone!" and when we got on the plane to come home, he said he wanted to go to "Bop's home." The night we got home he even cried because he missed my dad, sister, niece, and Heidi.

Don't tell Brian, but he didn't get as upset when he realized his dad had left us while we were still there.


Leilani said...

How fun! Glad you got to see your family and have a fun trip. Eli looks like his grandpa. Hope you're doing well!

kim said...

I like the pics of your family. Helena, you and your niece look alike.

Don Ashley Baby and Tigger said...

Your dad looks like a real cool guy! I love the facial hair