Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Labor Story

I listened to the doctor when she said #2 usually goes twice as fast. It was actually 5 times as fast, 4 hours.

Brian was home sick, sleeping, while Eli and I worked on a Lincoln Log cabin when the first contraction came. I didn't tell Brian for an hour since only two came, but then things picked up and it was time to figure out what to do with Eli. For an hour and a half between contractions I bossed Brian to do important things like pack my bag, clean the toilet for possible guests, and get Eli ready while I did crucial things like sterilizing bottles and nipples.

Eli went to his friend Curt's house to wait for his over-night babysitter (Amanda, a saint who drove from Farmington to spend the night with him) and we could finally leave. On the drive to LDS hospital I cursed the construction workers that left the freeway so bumpy and Brian for driving too fast, making dumb turns, and for trying to use his blackberry to find the way when I knew the address. I was also scared because I felt the NEED to push that my sister told me she had when her kids came really fast. Natural was not in my plans... 3 hours down.

I slowly made my way up to labor and delivery where there must've been 10 ladies standing around behind the counter. I was annoyed at their calmness when I asked if they were going to do the usual 1-hour watch before admitting me, "we have to make sure you're in labor." My nurse grew a little less chill when she checked me and declared "9." Is that labor enough for them? She started scrambling to get my doctor, a back-up doctor, and the anesthesiologist called. The last person being the most important to me.

I was not pleasant with Brian or the nurses, but they had tough skin, not exactly being sweet back. I also felt the constant need during bad contractions to let everyone know what I was feeling (the baby's head coming down), which we all know translates to "I have to poo!" Brian said the nurses would smirk at him. "Please No" came out more frequently and intensely after my water broke and he wasn't there yet. Luckily my contractions never get too close together and there was just enough time for the saint to work his magic. He gave me a big dose after my frantic plea "I just don't want to feel her head come out." My doctor arrived and after 10 minutes of pushing Esme arrived within one hour of getting to the hospital. I was overwhelmed with shock and joy when they placed her on my belly.

11/3 Just before going to the hospital

11/5 Getting home, a little thinner and a LOT happier


Sarah Flib said...

I love that you had the presence of mind to have Brian clean the toilet while you were in labor. So funny. And wow, it's great that it went by so quickly for you this time! What a cute baby girl.

Leilani said...

Great labor story! Wow, that did sound like it went fast. I forgot how mad I would get at bumpy roads when I was pregnant. Really happy for you!

Anna said...

She's here! And she's so cute. It was good to see you and your little fam yesterday. I hope little Esme was a good little sleeper.