Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Becoming A Big Brother

Eli has been really good about a baby moving in. We tried to prepare him with books, a new crib in his room, and a doll for him to take care of. He's always been considerate and thoughtful. With my morning sickness he would come running to see if I was okay and give me toilet paper to wipe my mouth and look around for a drink to give me. A few days ago he saw me wincing once she latched on to nurse and he said "Mommy hurt?" "a little, but it's okay" to which he said "baby mean." He has gotten dramatic and needy a few times, but he loves holding her and understands when we need to leave and take care of her. Today I put "E-may" on his lap and he rocked her when she started crying. He got a proud grin when she grew quiet and fell asleep.

11/5 Meeting his sister for the first time-he was excited to show her his toys in the car.

11/5 Holding his sister for the first time-he likes to point out how small everything is on her.

11/10 We try and have her join in on his activities-storytime before bed.
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kim said...

Looks like Eli is already a great big brother. I love the picture of him holding his sister. So sweet.

Grandma Corrales said...

what precious treasures you have...thank you so very much for taking such wonderful pictures and sharing them with all of us!