Saturday, May 14, 2011

Annual Farm Day

Today we drove up to Layton for our CSA's member farm day, a chance to see what's going on, help plant, and pull up some vegetables that wintered over, in this case, Jerusalem artichokes or sun chokes- which look like ginger root, but starchy like a potato.  Only 3 couples showed up, but we still had fun.  I think Esme the most, judging by how dirty she got.  The kids were tough, loved the dirt and bugs, ate raw sun chokes and asparagus when they got hungry. 

I had good reason to get out the camera this time because I help the main blogger for the CSA in trade for a free small share.  Pretty good set up.  My first "job" since Eli was born.  Brian was gone most of the time, so I couldn't get too creative with the kids tugging on me or in my arms.

Chinese Broccoli waiting

Bees with honey water dripping in from buckets since they ate their store
and need energy to come out of dormancy.

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What we were after- sun chokes

Have I mentioned Esme's a daddy's girl?
It feels strange not being the preferred parent.

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