Saturday, August 13, 2011

6 Years

Last Saturday was our anniversary. We're getting so practical now that we're old timers. No more hundreds of dollars dropped at a fancy spa. Last year was mini golf and Italian food in town. And this year my great visiting teacher (who LOVES kids and was surprised we weren't staying out long enough for her to have to put the kids to bed!) watched Eli and Esme.  We went up to Solitude for a hike and dinner at a nice restaurant there.  If you hike up the mountain and find where the chairlift ends, then you can ride it down for free.

Not sure how he mustered a smile, must've been after we figured
out how to pull the bar over our laps.

I even learned something new about Brian.  He's scared of heights!  Just like the old man!  I called him Frank the whole way down.  The only other time I've ever seen him scared was in Switzerland driving a one-lane road (where you have to honk before you go around a turn) on the side of a cliff in the heaviest fog I've ever seen.  In this not so equally dangerous situation he sat down, put his hand behind my back and froze. So I had to be the one figuring out his fancy phone for this unflattering picture.

I guess we won't be skiing, since I'm too scared of the steep hills and speed and he's terrified of the chairlift.


Leilani said...

Happy Anniversary! I didn't know you don't ski?

cirila said...

Happy Anni guys!

Don- Ash -Carter said...

Happy anniversary guys! Haha that is funny, I didn't know he was scared of heights either....though, I remember we were driving back from a Soo Bahk Do seminar one time and it was raining pretty good and he was white knuckled on the car steering wheel - so I can only imagine what Switzerland must have been like! Yikes!, 6 years came up quick! I'l be there in May~

Grandma Corrales said...

oh my goodness! where have the years gone? Congrats on the 6 years and your beautiful family