Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting Settled

No house tour yet, sorry people.  Although, I have to say this place looks much better with our furniture than the last people's.  I'm probably biased.  I do have things workable, a couple boxes in the corner of each room and all the things I need out.  Unpacking is so tedious.  Today I threw a bunch of stuff away since that was easier than trying to find a spot for it.  And working on it with two needy kids and a missing husband,  right now shopping and having sushi in San Francisco, is going to take longer than expected. (I don't ever remember being jealous of Brian, but this week I am).  Thinking back, we unpacked in the condo after one day, we were so excited, not that we aren't now.  The kids do well out in the yard on their own for an hour or so, but they are much more content when I'm out there with them. Right now I'm using otter pops to buy time. And this:

We have been enjoying our close proximity to EVERYTHING. When the kids and I need a break we find out about the neighborhood, shops, playgrounds. Today we walked to his future elementary school, a rigorous 3 blocks.

She doesn't need a toy stroller.

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He also visited his pre-school and met his teacher. He's finally excited.  He used to be so scared. All it took was going to a pre-school open house in Sandy a few months ago. The sand table had him hooked. Luckily Miss Sabrina's class room, with an under water theme, had a sand table too.

It's a really good school that our realtor recommended as the best in town and they magically got a space for him a couple of weeks ago. It will be a class of 10 boys, good luck teacher.  Eli will help, he's going to be a hall monitor someday, I know it. In primary he tells kids to stop this or that if he knows its against the rules.  Miss Sabrina even said he could bring Mousie to school.  But the spot she gave Mousie to sit wasn't secure enough, so he'll keep him in his backpack in his cubbie.

During Esme's nap Eli and I were together instead of me sticking a movie in so I could get boxes emptied. We hung laundry and laid in the hammock literally watching it dry. A nice quiet moment. I kept thinking, this must be heaven.

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Esther said...

I've been thinking about you guys, I'm so happy you are loving your new place! Kids entertaining themselves in a fenced in back yard for an hour at a time sounds wonderful! That water play thing looks fun!