Friday, December 30, 2011

Esme's Room

I finally finished a couple of things to complete Esme's room.  It's my favorite room so far, with my ideal color on the wall, light gray.  It was bright peach before and my only must paint room before moving in.  I hate decorating, it feels so contrived and I'm indecisive.  I also hate making new holes in walls, especially these plaster ones that are prone to crumbling. I'd rather have bare walls than regrets. But kids rooms are easier, they have so many toys and colors add whimsy.  Rainbow wouldn't work so well in a bathroom or living room, right?

I was waiting for Christmas for a couple of things, to finally make my own child puppets that I've already made for 4 other kids and a fun kid chair.  First the puppets. They were so much work I wasn't going to throw them in some toy bin.  My second Christmas Eve staying up late a slave to the sewing machine. But so worth it, she loves them.

She's constantly singing Old McDonald.  I stressed for weeks on a way to display them, then my sister sent a package with lots of fencing for some wooden animals, so I stuck half of them vertically to the table with some 3M Command hooks, the best invention ever I've decided.  I stupidly tried to hang the book shelf with them, my first new hole in our walls had to happen.

Esme's obsessed with reading.  I'm a little psycho about maintaining order with her books, so I put most of them out of reach and a few favorites on her shelf (actually a spice rack from Ikea).  And I've wanted comfy chairs like my sister's kids have for a long time.  Also a big hit, they carry them all over the place, up and down the stairs, put two together to make a crib or a cave.

I bought the prints over the summer at the Provo Farmer's Market from some artistic girl selling her stash before moving to San Francisco. Four for a dollar or something ridiculous like that. 

I replaced those bi fold closet doors with a girlie curtain.  We've been able to cram quite a lot in our tiny closets. I love how a small house makes you be very organized and choosy about what you buy.

When Esme turned two I realized that she might not be a baby anymore, so her mobile was replaced with some bunting I made for a Relief Society activity and this felted butterfly from Switzerland.

And here's the last corner. Luckily my kids are pretty tidy and it pretty much always looks like this. Oh, and we recently got half the house new windows (only half because it's so expensive) but I wanted hers done for sure to keep out noise and heat from the sun during naps.  The rest were to get rid of the leaded-paint infested, single pane windows in the basement. There is only one more project I have in mind, to make a drum shade with this tutorial.

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Grandma Corrales said...

very cute and very creative Helena! I bet Esme wants to spend lots of time in her new bedroom now.