Friday, November 25, 2011

New Museum

Brian's sister was here last week and I was looking around for something close and the Natural History Museum's website said it had opened in it's brand new site two days earlier.  I'd never been to the old one, but when we pulled up I was impressed.  All the museums I've been to in Utah have ranged from hokey to okay. I was amazed from the outside.  People talk about architecture blending in with the landscape, but this was the most realistic example I've ever seen. Shaped like the mountains behind it, dressed in copper mined from across the valley.

Inside it was so modern I felt like I was in a fancy California museum.  I have to say the University of Utah outdid BYU's Bean Museum, haha. It was very kid friendly with several educational play areas and class rooms with hands-on learning tools.  We bought a year pass and I'm looking forward to taking the kids over and over.  There's a lot to learn about little ol' Utah. Like how ever many thousands of years ago this was beach front property.

Our little archaeologist 

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