Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Time

I should have been grateful for this mild winter, but I have been waiting for Spring.  It was so dreary there was nothing to blog about for 2 months.  

It has been fun seeing the trees sprout back to life, discover what flowers would pop up (the original owner was quite the gardener), watching Brian obsess over plants that should turn into food. Everything else is unnecessary to him, except maybe the flowers that attract pollinators.  The kids love the freedom to head out back and play for a couple hours.  We've been busy making bird feeders, setting up a little garden for the kids, chasing the rabbit, and unbusy lounging in the hammock and having peaceful dinners outside. Here are a few pictures:

Rain and broken umbrellas don't stop them from going out

Esme's bird feeder

Eli and I worked hard on this beauty

The birds are yet to appreciate

Pear blossoms

Some of the many bulbs coming up

Of course the radishes are flourishing and the better
stuff like carrots, lettuce, beets, chard are slow-going

Eli's kid garden Easter basket

Esme's Easter basket
The kids have their own little spot to care for their flowers and watch new ones open. We'll have to set down some rocks so there will be a place to uncover bugs and their peas should be sprouting up soon.  Soon it will be warm enough for their tomato plant, cherry tomatoes and peas sound like the perfect things so they can munch while they play.


Sarah Flib said...

I love the baskets! And the garden space for the kiddies. Great ideas.

Kim said...

I've missed your blog posts Helena. I know what you mean that there's not much to write about when it's dreary outside. Love Eli's birdhouse and the Easter baskets!