Sunday, May 13, 2012

Milk Tooth

Not long after this last dentist appointment Eli noticed a loose tooth.  I was excited about it and only told him positive things, but he just asked "when is it coming out? will it bleed?"  He wouldn't wiggle it to get loose and I was worried we'd have to take him to the dentist.

Thursday his friend was over and I made him a treat of a lunch (hotdogs!) which he stopped eating and said he was full.  I figured it was the tooth.  He just hung his head and started crying out of fear. It had gotten unbearably loose and so the I made the poor boy a milk shake instead.

Before dinner we tried to get his tooth out and there were lots of tears and bargains, but all our attempts were foiled by the slippery little thing. Luckily it came out on its own the next day.  He came running "I feel something!" between sobs and spit it out into my hands.  I hope the rest of them aren't this dramatic.

He did have a sense of humor the next day. He kept tricking me by saying that he had another loose tooth.

New Smile

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