Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Graduate

Eli has loved preschool. He's really blossomed. Become more social, independent, and he loves the structure and rules.  He says he's going to go to preschool and kindergarden this fall.  His teacher is a loving, no-nonsense kind of a lady.  Once I popped my head in before leaving and saw her scoop him up for a big hug.  He thrives with affection and does well sticking to the rules. There was only one day all year that he didn't get his treat at the end of class for being good.  It made him cry.

He made lots of friends and was always excited for T/Th mornings.  I was worried the kids would notice his Mousie obsession and tease him, but it wasn't a problem. They all thought the mangy little rodent was cool. A couple of them even bought their own mice.  His favorite friend, Aidan got one too. Sadly, none of the kids will be going to our neighborhood elementary school. 

Eli and Aidan

During the ceremony, the teachers said something they liked about each child. I was slightly disappointed when his teacher said his memorable trait was how much he loved riding the bikes at recess.  I was hoping for something more endearing like how considerate, loving, obedient, or careful he is.  Oh, well. Here's a shot of him doing what he does best:

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Kim said...

Eli looks so grown up wearing his graduation gown! He is such a handsome boy. I'm glad he enjoyed preschool...can't believe he starts kindergarten in the fall!