Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finders, Earners

I suppose most kids have heightened senses when it comes to locating candy. Eli was very young when he learned that the sound of a crinkling foil/plastic bag meant goodies. Lately, thanks to his short stature, I successfully rotate candy stashes on shelves where he can't see. But last week, looking for some ingredient, I carried him into our unlit pantry, assuming he wouldn't see the chocolate's newest hiding place. Despite my quick feet and the darkened room, his little radar picked up the sweets. The kid is always finding candy, whether its a lollipop in the junk drawer, chocolate chips in with the foil and saran wrap, or Halloween candy up high.
This nosiness can't be rewarded. What will I do when he's taller and more agile? Let him eat candy all day?
A couple of weeks ago I came up with a brilliant idea. Just like the Aztecs, we would use chocolate as currency. If the boy finds chocolate chips, I direct him toward one of his toy messes-this morning it was cars- to clean up and then pay him with a few semi-sweet morsels. Perfect. He learns the benefits of work, and I burst with pride at my tidy little two year old.

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Jason and Melanie Morales Family said...

Hi Corrales family! What a cute blog! I saw a link to it on Megan Nelson's blog. Eli is getting so big- I love the candy idea- check out our blog anytime! -Melanie