Friday, November 21, 2008

Brian's Celebration

This week Brian got a letter from his martial arts federation saying that he had met all the requirements to become a 4th dan (black belt) and master at his test in August in San Diego, but official word wouldn't be coming until March. Despite this, his teacher, Oliver Whitcomb, came down from Idaho to meet and teach his students and give Brian the last belt he will ever wear. I pulled out all the stops and made chocolate-covered strawberries and apple tarts for a little party. The parents are the best, congratulating and thanking him and organizing treats too.
I'm so proud of him. It looks great. If you mention his new belt, he tries to hold back a big, proud grin.


kim said...

Congratulations, Bri! I knew you would pass the test! I'm so proud of you. Wow, you have a master belt just like Master Whitcomb. Way to go! That is quite an accomplishment.

kim said...

I like the picture with you and your students. I'm impressed by how many students you have.

Don Ashley and Tigger said...

Yay! Congratulations Brian on your new belt and title! And my what a big class you have! Keep it up!


Mom and Dad Corrales said...

Well done, Sa Bom Nim Corrales! We are so proud of all you continue to accomplish in your life. We always knew you would achieve all your Soo Bahk goals...congrats! Dad and I are pretty impressed with all the students you have and only wish we could have been there to see Master Whitcomb hand you your belt. Quite an achievement, Buddy, and as always, we are very excited for you.