Thursday, February 12, 2009

Appreciation All Around

In a couple of hours I'm leaving the boys for 4 days to see my sister and her new arrival, Henry. I've never left Eli even over night and am excited to be carefree about how much he eats and sleeps. I'll be free to clean and cook as much as I please and might be able to wake up on my own. No two year old alarm clock waking me out of deep sleep way too early with "Mom!"

I know I'll miss him like crazy, I already feel incomplete when I go places without him. He's my best little buddy and a part of my identity. I sometimes say that I'm "mom" not "Helena" anymore. I'll come home so refreshed and clingy he'll have to push me away, I'm sure.

I'm already quite appreciated around here, but I'm hoping to come home extra-loved after they have to fend for themselves for meals, cleaning (hopefully) and even a little road trip up to great-grandma's in Logan. I have restrained my organizing, planaholic ways and left them without specific meals planned and luggage packed. My only rule for Brian is that Eli can't sleep in our bed with him. No matter how lonely he is or how cute and snuggly the boy is.

We'll see how Brian does being the one waiting at home, missing his other half. No way, I'm not getting him back for all those martial arts trips he took last summer. Although a lonely Valentines is pretty good payback. Don't feel too bad for him, I've left him several treats and he gets to see his mom. I'll miss my boys, but am happy to see my sister and her family. And I'll come back a better mom, appreciating my boys even more.


Esther said...

Wow! 4 days? I hope you have a great trip! Have fun meeting your new nephew, I'd love to see some pictures!

cirila said...

Thanks again for all the help! We loved having you here.