Friday, February 27, 2009

We Don't Pay For Buttons

That's why windows and door locks in our car must be worked the old fashioned way. I figure it's also a theft deterent, not cool to lean across to unlock or roll down a window. It sure was luxurious to sit in my sister's heated seats during my winter time visit, though.

After doing a quick online survey and answering "no" to being willing to upgrading to energy star appliances, I figured my greeniness wouldn't outweigh of my frugality. But our latest big ticket item proved otherwise.

We held on to our guidline of cheapness and no extra buttons in our recent washing machine purchase. We knew as soon as we moved in why the previous owners left the appliances in the condo, and it was not their generosity. The bottom-of-the-line-things weren't worth hauling down 2 sets of stairs in the heat of August. This morning our beauty of a washer arrived. We were way more excited than the delivery men, who are never happy by the time they get to the top. It has to be our best purchase ever, next to my camera of course. It was a basic model of a top brand (again, quality without bells and whistles), came with $150 in rebates from our utility companies, will do a much better job even using less water, and can be considered free with the money we saved by me sewing our cloth diapers instead of buying them (which, even bought, saves you around $1000 dollars/child in diapering costs).

It came just in time, Eli had one diaper to his name and as soon as those poor men left, a load of diapers went in. At one point all 4 of us were watching it like a TV, even Charlie. I'll feel like a queen doing laundry and might even be excited to do so the first few times since our clothes will actually come out clean AND soapless. The buttons seem numerous eventhough it was the model with the least number of them. I do feel better having the child lock one, though.

So, the next time you come over, feel free to bring your laundry and you might want to practice rolling down a car window without the people in the next car noticing its not automatic.


Anna said...

wait a second...I thought you needed a new dryer, so why did you get a new washer?

Helena said...

Yes, the dryer is bad, but we took it apart and pulled out tons of lint which is making it run lots better. Plus, the better washer you have, the more water it takes out in the spin, so it is the washer that is energy rated, not dryers. Plus I line dry most things except the diapers.

kim said...

Your new washer looks fancy! I hope you enjoy it!


Cristina said...

Nice. I dream of owning my own washer and dryer. First I have to get the house though lol. The pics of your cat are adorable. That Charlie!