Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I loved being at my sister's with her darling kids and perfect little Henry. He was so perfect he never even woke me up, with my sensitive mother's ears, in the night. I wasn't pleased that the house looked too clean when I got there, so I had to look hard for stuff to do. She even took me, the help, out to the fanciest lunch I've ever had, involving risotto, scallops, and chocolate mousse cake. With this extravagent food, some cleaning and cooking, I'm scared to admit I didn't even feel strange Eliless.

The flight home was long for me, I wasn't enjoying any family's company. When I made it to the boys in the airport Eli smiled, clung to dad's legs and pointed and grunted to the escalator he'd been waiting to ride "when mom gets here." I had to steal a hug. Not the reunion with out-stretched arms and slow-motion running I was imagining.

Luckily it was past dinner, so we just had to stop and eat Indian. Brian even tidied up the house and all forms of life (fish, cat, plants, herbs) were still alive! Pampered, I know. The only thing I'm miffed about is that I left the camera for Brian to take pictures since he was going to visit family and it sat on the counter the whole time. I missed out on all kinds of cute niece, nephew, and newborn pictures. It doesn't get better than a blobby baby and all kinds of natural light. Next time I suppose. Thanks for having me sis and thanks for being so willing to give me a trip Bri.


kim said...

Welcome back Helena! I'm glad you had a fun time with your sister and her family.

cirila said...

We love you Lena. You made our life run so smoothly. Greg already misses your great cooking. Last night he ate the rest of the enchiladas and kept saying how yummy it was. Thanks also for all your thoughtful gifts: The blanket is beautiful, the burpies are useful and I can't wait to give the diapers a go. And the sling is already being used daily. Thanks and lots of love...cirila

Grandma Corrales said...

Welcome home Helena! I know your boys really missed you, but was glad to hear you had an opportunity to be with your sister and her family.
Love you!