Wednesday, July 15, 2009


That's Eli talk for Emi, his most favorite little friend. Isn't she darling? We only get together with her family every couple of months because they're in Provo and the two will play, but something must have clicked in the spring when we met them at a restaurant while they were on their way through town. We sat the two toddlers next to each other, hoping they would entertain themselves and give us a peaceful meal. Something magical must have happened as they fed each other fries and teddy grahams and then ran around the tables of some unpleased diners. Ever since then they both ask for each other every day. Even when her name hasn't come up that day, if I mention playing with another friend, Eli would say "Mimi." (Luckily, in the last couple of weeks he also asks for Curt.)

Now we try and get together every couple of weeks, for their sake. The result is quite miraculous. Normal play dates with any other kid involve a warm up time during which Eli is quite grumpy and stingy and a few battles until the two will play peacefully, with supervision and mediation. The second Eli and Emi see each other they are happy and laughing and he actually SHARES. I can't even recall one tiff, even when they run off on their own. Emi's naturally cheerful, active personality is infectious the moment Eli sees her.

Although Emi coming over to play trains is Eli's ultimate dream come true, I think we came close yesterday. I drove the little man down to Provo for a play date at 7 Peaks. It iss the perfect place with lots of kiddie pools where they could be independent. Eli jumped and squealed with delight- only the second time I have ever seen this phenomenon.

We don't just get together for the kids, Emi's parents are just as fun. We met at our first apartment a few days before we got married as they offered to help us move and were excited for us. Eli even met Emi for the first time the day she was born. I don't know what we're going to do when they move far away for PhD school next year. For now we'll just look forward to Bear Lake with them in a couple of weeks.


Sparks II said...

How fun! I love that one of Emi pushing him in the water :). I shouldn't have put her on my lap to see these pics, she's going crazy for Eli!!! Thanks for the fun post Helena :0)!! These two were made for each other, I just know it.


Anonymous said...

What darling pictures! They seriously made my day. I'm glad Eli and Emi are such good friends. Eli is going to be a great big brother.