Monday, July 20, 2009

The Best Yet

Don't worry, I won't bother you with the details of every fishing trip, but this Saturday was our favorite so far and held a few firsts for Eli. Remembering how good the fishing was on our last visit there 3 years ago, we went to the Uintahs through Kamas. The drive up to Washington Lake was easy and smooth, unlike the past few weekends, and the quick 1-mile hike to Wall Lake was on a practically level trail. One side of the lake had cliffs and ledges of different levels which gave us nice seats, and meant for deep- and therefore fish-laden- water. As we soon learned, it also made the spot a popular swimming hole. I'm afraid I didn't think to get a picture until it was crawling with strangers diving, sun bathing, and repelling. At least 3 parties came through, just to dive in and swim. If I ever build up the courage to go camping (where there is no traditional toilet) this will definitely be the place.

Eli ended up doing his first hiking since getting him into the backpack isn't easy and we figured we could tire him into it. He's gotten quite independent lately and loves climbing over obstacles and gets proud. Every now and again he'd ask for help. What really melted me was when we would walk between the campsite and the lake he would turn around after crossing a tough spot, say "up" (aka help) and hold out his hand to help me through it. Now that I see the size of my belly in these pictures, I can see why.

Brian read up on what the fish there bite best on and even brought some garlic powder (definitely cheating) to coat the powerbait. We couldn't have been there more than half an hour when Eli's spider man pole bent with the 2nd fish of the day. He reeled for a little while, but grew tired of it and Brian pulled in his big fish. We were much more excited than him, probably because we were finally somwhere we could make a fire and actually cook the fish at the lake. At first Eli wouldn't even eat it.He was more interested in pushing his train along the ledges.

Next time we'll definitely bring swim suits, but just being able to hang our feet over into the water was a nice treat. I've found that comfort must be traded in when we want to be out in nature, but this was the most luxurious spot we've found- IF you bring mosquito repellent.

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cirila said...

What an ideal time you guys had. Helping your child love nature is so undervalued these days.