Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Switzerland or Sleep?

Appelzell, Aug 05

St. Gallen, Aug 05

We chose the first. Our tickets are for August 27 through September 18th, Brian coming home one week earlier. I'm already worried about the long journey and how our picky little sleeper will do without his crib in his dark, quiet room, especially since our cheap flight drops us off Zurich at 8 a.m., aka midnight our time. After that will he be extra dramatic since he only takes good naps in his crib? To some this sounds trivial when compared to a chance at a trip across the world. But I have met no mom that takes sleep lightly.

Sleep shmeep. I'll try and spend the next six weeks anticipating a memorable trip. Brian's excited about the touristy things: visiting notable sites, taking in majestic views, shopping, and eating gourmet food. I look forward to the simple things, like eating berries out of my dad's garden, listening to church bells for the time, Eli meeting his grandpa, and playing with his aunt and cousin. I must also admit I'm hungrily anticipating some of my favorite foods. I told Brian I'm probably only going to eat bread, wurst, and cheese. And yogurt, yes. I don't know how Americans put up with the nasty stuff here. Luckily Brian adapted quickly to the strong, stinky cheese, he likes it as much or even more than me. I'm also making note of all the recipes I must copy down from Heidi, my dad's woman that is a fabulous cook.

It's only taken us 4 years to find enough money and Brian availability to go. Can't wait.


Sarah Flib said...

I COMPLETELY agree with you about American yogurt. It is absolutely delicious in Europe. Sounds like a fabulous trip!

Anna said...

We should get together before you set off for Europe. I'm so happy for you guys--what a luxurious vacation. I hope your boy adjusts quickly :)