Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cute Baby Warning

Before you think it's all fun and games having the most adorable baby in the world, I should give you a heads up before you try to go and get your own.

*She will make you look hideous in comparison if you pose for a picture with her.

*She will slow your errand-running with countless strangers stopping to compliment her cuteness. (Like the time I arrived at the airline front desk to get my boarding pass when my flight was already boarding and the counter ladies-who I thought were going to tell me I was too late for my flight-made me stop so they could oogle over Esme.)

*Instead of being excited for baby's bedtime and the peace that follows, you will miss her and wish she didn't have to sleep so much.

*Your house will get dirty as you prefer to play and cuddle her rather than ignoring her to get work done.

*Your computer will get slow, bogged down with the myriads of home videos and digital pictures necessary to record each sweet stage.

*You will fight with your husband at church over who gets to take her to their class.

*And, to end with one that my husband hasn't quite gotten around to, she will make you want one more. But not for a long time so you can spend as much time with her as possible before the throwing up starts.


cirila said...

true dat.

Kim said...

Helena, I'm so sorry about your Grandpa.

Esme keeps getting more beautiful! I love that girl's hair. She is a doll.