Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

I figured it was a perfect present to let Bri's wildest dreams come true and go camping. I knew I would be forfeiting a night's sleep, but it was totally worth it. It was our first time since having kids. Eli loved it, practically giddy the whole time, and Esme was her patient self. Eli decided the animal sitings were his favorites. We asked him on the drive there and he was hoping to see a giraffe. He had to settle for big horn sheep, deer, chipmonks, deer, ducks, and more deer. We even saw a hawk dive and catch a fish.The highlights for me were: a quiet campground with a view, renting a boat, making fireballs... I mean smores, swinging in the hammock, and, most importantly, not seeing 1 mosquito.

Bri loves good family time out in nature. He had to do all the work setting up, cooking, and packing up while I watched the kids, but he didn't mind. He's a hard worker and happy to serve. He always wants us with him. A great trait he inherited from his dad. When he's not working, we're his favorite company. When there's something he wants to do, he tries to find a way for us to come -like ocean fishing with his parents in Oregon in August or a nationals event for his martial arts in New Jersey in July. If I want to get out to do something I try and find a way to go kidless. Don't tell them I said that. Bri's the best. What's more flattering than being someone's preferred groupie.

Is it any wonder we count the hours until he gets home every day?

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MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

I am so sad we were not with you. Scott is a smart fisher but he does not mind not catching. He loves the process. He must have not realized you were still going to go or I'll wager he would have been in on it:)You are such a darling mom!!!