Friday, July 9, 2010

Who Needs Meat?

I guess Brian would argue that he does. But I know he would not complain if I served him this vegetarian plate. Baked yam, kohlrabi greens, and polenta stuffed peppers (Thank You Martha). Eli ate every last bite (with much prodding, like any other meal except macaroni and cheese, homemade of course) and didn't complain about not liking any of it, not even the slightly bitter greens!

Bri's in New Jersey right now at Soo Bahk Nationals, so I'm free to cook as meatless as I like. Tofurkey (lunch"meat") sandwiches for lunch, Soyizo for breakfast, Korean tofu soup yesterday. I'm not against meat, some things just get on my conscience. So here comes my craziness. I just feel like it's too easy to eat meat without thinking about how it got to us, bonelss, on styrafoam behind plastic wrap. I've heard people complain about how yucky raw meat is or not wanting to see a bone or blood. This bothers me some. Where's the revrence and gratitude. I feel bad too about my past cheapness, wanting to get meat, eggs, and milk for as cheap as possible, not thinking about how that drives "ranchers" and "farmers" to give the animals no quality of life.

For now I'm fine buying meat, free range, grass fed. It doubles the price, and so I am avoiding the subject by just buying produce, tofu, and fish. We plan on ordering beef and pork from our CSA that raises it's own heritage breed, happy-until-the-end cows and pigs. I'm excited about ordering a Thanksgiving turkey from them too, actually. So there we go. Got a little heavy there, just planned on showing our fabulous vegetarian feast.
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Diary of a Social ART-tivist Mommy said...

like your blog.....great picutres too.....your 8 month old is so cuuute!