Monday, August 2, 2010

Celebrate the Everyday: The Park

A while back, when making that online photobook, I came across an idea that I love. There were tons of sample books to browse for inspiration, but this one, by an author (no wonder it looked so amazing) had simple stories and snapshots of everyday moments. I carry my camera pretty much everywhere, but usually whip it out for special occasions, the children's "firsts," and when other out-of-the-ordinary things happen.

I imagine, when the kids get independent, annoyed with me (and visa versa), and even move on, it will be the quiet, simple days at home with my two sweet babies that I will miss. We may say "remember that trip..." or "the day Eli balanced on his bike..." but those won't be the moments I wish I could be in again. Stories in the bottom bunk, the peace of nap time, lunch at the table, slow walks, answering all the "why mama why"'s, splashing in the tub.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe empty-nesters laugh at us 20-somethings with little kids and think. Ahhhh, no more butt-wiping for me... They're cute to visit, but luckily I can hand them back when they start to whine...

But I'm so attached and sentimental. I can see myself wanting them to live at home forever. I guess that's why the teenage years happen, it won't be as hard to say good-bye.

Anyway. Here's the record of an average visit to the playground. Recently I learned that Eli considers a picnic mandatory on outings to the park. Esme didn't care, she was happy eating leaves. Just the ones she could reach from the blanket. The prickly grass was the perfect thing to keep her from crawling off the blanket and into trouble.


Kristyn said...

Love this! You HAVE to google Ali Edwards' Week in the Life Project! Very similar concept. I love her take on documenting everything (except she only does it for a week, I'm not sure how long you're thinking of) but things like the price of some groceries, etc., she thought to include. The whole thing is super smart I say. I took all the pics for it, but never actually printed them out/finished the project. And now I'm thinking of starting over. So maybe we could do similar projects at the same time - it will help motivate me to finish it. :) Anyway, clever, clever Helena. AND, as always, I love your pictures in this post.

Grandma Corrales said...

One of my favorite poets was Carol Lynn Pearson. She wrote a book about some of the everyday things in her kids lives and then wrote short essays about the lessons we, as adults, can be learned. Very wonderful book, if you ever come across it.