Monday, August 2, 2010


Aparently her husband's peek-a-boo was funnier to me than Esme.

Like every other mom that gets a new DSLR, my friend (since 9th grade) Annette and I are both getting into photography. We met up for a picnic at a park in American Fork Canyon and, since we both brought our cameras, had a mini photoshoot. We both love the chance to practice. We used her camera, which is a bit nicer and had a telephoto lense (on my short wish list), and she afterwords played around with the images on Photoshop Elements (the other item on my wish list).

In my blog browsing I've realized what a role photoshop plays, making average pictures really look amazing. For now I'm content with my free Picasa. I'm usually happy with how they look straight out of the camera, but sometimes I crop or brighten. I'm sure the more I read Pioneer Woman and get to take classes my wish list will become a need list.

I was about to say I wish I had more time to practice, but I suppose I have time for the things I make time for. And as soon as I find the right class to take, hopefully I'll get out of the house by myself for a couple hours a week.

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