Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Golden Boy

(will flip as soon as I figure out how)

 So Brian turns 28 today, on the 28th.  Very big deal, right? I think he's happy that I didn't make the biggest deal about it. I did insist on the traditional flourless cake, made of only melted chocolate, eggs, and butter.   I didn't realize he was so shy that he even took his birthday off Facebook and Skype so he wouldn't get any attention.  Luckily we surprised him work with these cupcakes for him to share.  We were a little sad that none of those nerdy guys would notice the gourmetness of chocolate cupcakes, topped with chocolate mousse and ganache.  Oh well. 

I had to bring balloons to embarrass him just a little.

Cubicle Party.

I knew he would prefer a quiet night at home, rather than socializing and entertaining.  So it was just the 4 of us.

Eli ended up giving him the best present of all.  I had him color a picture, tell me a message to write, and then told him to sign his name. I figured it would be a little squiggle, but he actually WROTE HIS NAME!  We've never even shown him how to write letters.

Brian was so excited he started the boy on a writing lesson before we even had any cake. It was so exciting. He told Eli that was the best present ever.

And Esme? She practiced for her big day in a month or so.

Happy birthday to the best husband and dad ever. 

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Kristyn said...

Go Eli! That's awesome!

And happy bday to Brian! But don't tell him I said anything. I don't want to embarass him. :)