Monday, September 6, 2010

Have I mentioned that Brian's been leaving us a lot lately. It's especially terrible when its for the weekend that I wait all week for, only to have him gone and come back in time to go back to work Monday. So far this summer he's gone to Colorado a couples times, New Jersey, Orlando for a week, and now Idaho to go backpacking during the last weekend of summer. Hopefully he'll come back so sore, tired, and hungry that he won't want to leave home anymore.

So Saturday I looked down at Esme's cuteness and thought, Grandma Corrales hasn't seen her lately. Accidentally forgetting about a couple of responsibilities for the weekend I packed the kids and we went for a sleepover at grandma's. Eli is finally getting better at warming up to people, family being most crucial. It was always embarrassing when we'd go and he would never hug his great grandma and only give her grumpy grunts and frowny faces. This time he talked a lot and was super-affectionate.

Jealous of Esme's turn, so he climbed on too.

Reading Grandma his Alphabet Book.

Grandma singing Esme a song in Spanish that she's now sung to 3 generations of babies. Something about these little feet going to pick watermelons.

I'm so glad we went. The kids were great in the car and Brian's grandma, aunt, and cousin got to oogle over our beautiful little Esme.

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Kim said...

What darling pictures! I'm glad you visited Grandma...I'm sure it meant a lot to her.