Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saying Goodbye

So you all know who Seth and Carrol are by now. They were our soon-to-be neighbors that we met the day before we got married. They helped us move in and promised to think about us at 12:45 (time of our sealing) the next day. If we had known what good friends we were going to be we would've invited them to the wedding.

They were between housing contracts (getting ready to move to Ohio for grad school) and needed a place to sleep the last couple weeks of August. We were happy to be able to see them a little extra before they left. Eli and Emi were especially giddy. Here are a few things they did together.

And the best for last:
"Hold hands to cross the street" meant each others, not ours, I guess.

We're going to miss you guys.


Robnz Fam said...

:0).. The first thing I thought was "such great friends that we thought you had both died and just ignored the smell"...hehe...j/k.

We miss you guys. Thank you again for everything. Such sweet memories. And thank you for all the pictures, we love them. Love/hate relationship actually..makes us miss you guys even more! And WHY did we not get pictures with us all together??!! Next summer, we must. Thank you for the sweet post. I have some pictures to send to you too.

Kristyn said...

What a fun time!! Best friends are the best. And both of your families are the salt of the earth. Perfect duo.

(And I really like your black leather couch. :)