Saturday, November 5, 2011


It was a quiet day with all our attention turned to Esme.  I came up with the cutest outfit I could find in her mostly second-hand wardrobe and we were off.  Everywhere we went (bookstore to play trains, pet store, restaurant, toy store) I told the people it was her birthday.  Eli had school, so just the two of us went out for breakfast. The nice lady turned our single order of french toast into two with one cut up in small pieces.

I can see how she thought the syrup was a drink.

Her only two wishes were to play trains and for a purple cake.  I accidentally dropped half of the food coloring in, so it was quite a neon purple. And, of course, she didn't eat any.

Happy Birthday little one.  You fill us with joy.


Sarah Flib said...

Happy birthday to Esme! She's so adorable. I love that you guys went out to breakfast together. And I've loved hearing about your new place; it looks fabulous!

Kim said...

I'm glad Esme had a good birthday. I don't know how it's possible, but she keeps getting cuter and cuter.