Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Best Pet Ever, From A Non-Pet Person

Brian hopes he won't have to mow the lawn anymore

The night Brian set aside to go pick up our future pet, Eli's birthday present, I got some icy cold feet. Everything I read said rabbits are not for little kids, and everything in my head told me I'd be the one shoveling poop.  Brian was so set on a rabbit he said he would do everything and he has. Who knew Brian was a pet person.  He's been happily cleaning up after, potty training, playing and cuddling with, and reading bunny books to decipher rabbit's actions.  I had some criteria for him before he set off to the breeder an hour away "only a girl, and no psycho red-eyed white bunny." At least it's a girl.

Apparently you shouldn't bathe bunnies,
a plus for me.

Eli's really loving and gentle and Whitey puts up with him carrying her all over the place.  She hasn't bitten anyone yet.  The kids love bringing her little snacks (scraps from the kitchen) during the day.  She's quiet and doesn't stink.  She even prefers her cage, or maybe she just hates the process of being pulled out the door.  She has caused a little trouble, finding a hole in the fence and realizing we can't catch her when she's in the thorny raspberry patch. Nothing an apple core couldn't entice her out of. And she does weird things like cleaning herself only while sitting in her litter box.

A trap to try and get her out of the raspberries

I felt bad only getting one since they are social animals and would be happiest with a companion and it's hard to find a companion when they're adults, but we keep her in the living room, get her out several times a day, she has an amazing yard, and the local organic food she eats isn't bad either.  It's always nice when she comes out of the mint bush smelling and fresh.  And the branches we trim from the fruit and maple trees will work perfectly as chew sticks to keep her teeth filed.

I worry about stress since she lives with little kids and I learned rabbits can have panic attacks and even a heart attack and die if a dog chases them.  Since we found out, our goal has been to make her teeth grind while we hold her, the bunny equivalent of purring.  And the other night I was the first person she licked, a sign of affection.  I hope whitey's happy with us, we sure are glad she's here.  Luckily she's really small, so Brian's not tempted to eat her.  He's overly practical like that.

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