Friday, March 27, 2009

My First Bag

It is very flawed and the pattern was crazy complex, but at least it's finished. Ever since Anna sent me a link to make this bag I knew I must make it, especially since my current mom tote is getting holey.

Luckily I started it before the nausea set in and Anna was my sewing buddy and her mom was our supervision and sewing expert. Very necessary for a project with so many pieces and thick layers and things going wrong, like corners coming undone after turning it right side out.

There are lots of mistakes if you look too close, but I learned tons, like how to make a basic tote in 5 minutes (not 5 hours) which were the lady's instructions for the liner. The main thing I learned was not to make a bag this way, but it turned out pretty well. She did have a quality bag in mind when designing this, it has a liner (made mine waterproof), all kinds of pockets, heavy interfacing for structure, and an added piece on the bottom for wear and tear.

It wasn't until the last few steps where you make a liner that I got excited about making bags, it's so easy I might experiment one of these days and put up a tutorial.


kim said...

I'm so impressed with the bag you made, Helena! It is beautiful!

Esther said...

It looks great! I think it's so neat you can pick up new talents like sewing, and tiling!