Monday, March 16, 2009

no motivation

Usually during Eli's naps I'm prepping for dinner or sewing something, but lately I just sleep. I've gone from an extreme sewing machine to someone that won't even spend 15 minutes to finish a month-late birthday gift. 3 more gifts are sitting on the microwave, waiting for me to go to the post office.

Brian on the other hand, is amazing. All weekend he cooked and cleaned cheerfully and wants to know the chores I need him to do. Mainly the stinky stuff: empty out old left-overs, take out the trash, feed the cat his canned food, put diapers in the washer (although he won't ever scrub a poopie one, despite their rarity, so I must hold my breath and pretend I'm dealing with melted chocolate). I wonder if being a housewife and mom of a small child has ever been on Dirty Jobs.


Cristina said...

The first trimester is always very tiring. You will pick up soon. :)

Over the moon said...

CONGRATULATIONS YOU TWO!! I can't believe you didn't call us!! hehe, j/k! But that is SO exciting! We are SO happy for you two. You make great parents! YAY!!! Eli will be the best older brother ever. He is so calm and sweet. CONGRATULATIONS!!!