Friday, March 27, 2009

Morning Sickness Tricks

It started a couple weeks earlier this time, but with less force. I was worried it would get worse at the regular 8 weeks, so I searched early for help at this natural health store. I walked away with chewable ginger tablets for on-the-spot relief, vitamin B complex supplements, and a little jar of tiny homeopathic sugar pills. I believe especially in the latter two, after a bad morning yesterday because I didn't take the B vitamins the day before and the fact that I stopped throwing up in the mornings after starting the little sugar pills which dissolve under your tongue. They are also good because swallowing pills and keeping them down is getting harder.

Food plays a big role too, as we all know. Last time I learned that starch made me feel better and I've been relying on baked potatoes and bean burritos. Nice breakfast, huh? This week I have splurged. I've already had miso soup and a shrimp tempura roll twice. Yesterday I had Brian pick up a salami at a good store in town on his way home. It is an open-face sandwich of artisan bread, unsalted butter, and $25/lb Sopressata Salami that got me feeling good enough to post after almost 2 weeks. Yes, thoroughly cooked sushi and salami I consider okay because it hasn't been processed and sliced in some plant months ago.

There are my excuses meant to keep "aren't you not supposed to eat..." comments away. They drive me crazy. As poor Brian's dad learned when my stresses came to a head 3 years ago. We went to a fancy dinner and I couldn't eat my veal because it was pink in the center (and had to eat some yucky, chewy clams which I had learned too much about after going clamming), I was a schmuck for eating chocolate mousse I was sure contained uncooked egg whites, and then when we got home the poor guy offered me a slice of salami. I lost it and started crying. No melt downs yet, but we'll see.

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Shannon said...

I am so impressed! You are amazing! I always love to read your blog. I talked to Jen Appel today in church and she told me you were due on the same day! I am sorry I'm so lame and haven't kept up on my reading.
Congratulations! I hope you get feeling better soon. I don't know if you've tried the preggie pops, but someone gave me some that I kept at school and then never used because I hadn't told the kids until I was past the point of needing them.
It sounds like you have it all under control-like usual, but let me know if there's anything I can do!