Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Charlie's Health Scare

Last Tuesday morning I opened the door for the furry orange guy to come in, but he just stayed still on the porch. Usually he comes flying in once the door is open 4 inches. I reached to get him and found evidence that he'd been throwing up. Inside he was super weak and wouldn't walk anywhere, except under the couch to get away from Eli's love taps.

The vet said 107 was the highest temperature he'd seen in a long time and sent us home with antibiotics and an appointment for the next day to learn the blood test results. "Possible feline auto-immune deficiency and something attacking the liver." Poor thing wouldn't eat, drink, or walk and came home all matted and mangy from a bath at the doctor's. I hadn't thought of it, but Brian said he might die and that pets usually wander away to do so alone. He kept going missing in the day and I would find him in strange places, which got me scared.

This feels silly for me to say, but when we went to meet him in January to see if he was right for our crazy family, the instant I saw him I got this feeling he's supposed to be our cat. And why for only two months. The vet called back after a retest and said it was just an infection, no immune deficiency. Brian braved the claws and bites and fed him his antibiotics twice a day and he's totally better. I knew it was working when he found the energy to jump up to the fireplace mantle to drink out of the betta's bowl.

Eli must know he's gotten better because he stopped being quite so gentle with him. I guess we're just supposed to appreciate him more. Brian's always brushing his long fur to keep it nice and we don't mind buying the more expensive food and getting his pricey vaccinations. We're just glad he's still around.


Don Ashley and Tigger said...

Awww! well I am glad Charlie is better now! It is a little scary and sad when a loved pet gets sick. One of our dogs just passed away last week, so I know the sad feeling. I was 6 when I first started experiencing "Pet Deaths" and they are still sad to go through now... yeah for happy and alive Charlie! :-)

kim said...

Poor Charlie! That's too bad he was so sick. I'm glad he's better now.

Esther said...

I'm glad he is ok and back to his old tricks :)

Grandma Corrales said...

So sad to hear about Charlie....cats are amazing animals though. I really do believe they have 9 lives. They can be so sick one day, and totally heal up in a day or so. I'm glad he's better now, and hope he continues to be well and happy.

Cristina said...

Awww poor kitty! Im glad you are a responsible pet owner. Some people just don't see it as a living thing that needs the same care that we do. Charlie is one lucky cat. :)