Monday, April 20, 2009

A Fig, A Phobia, & A Gyro

So I get these weekly email updates on the development of the baby and it often relates its size to a tangible object. This week, it is the size of a fig. And this morning was our first doctor's appointment, the exciting one where you hear the heart beat for the first time. It was taking so long to find I got worried, but somehow the doctor tuned in on the fast rhythm of the inch and a half long person. I smiled and my eyes quickly met the doctors' to see if that was really it.

It is quite a shame that they should combine such an amazing moment with a trip to the phlebotomist. "Needles are my ultimate phobia." The doctor and phlebotomist had to know. I watched the girl get ready. She sure looks young, how experienced could she be? I always request the most seasoned person. She checked to see which vein was bigger and used a special needle. I started to like her, as much as one in my position could. When it was over I was brave enough to look over at my 6 viles, the doctor said 2! Somehow I didn't get woozy or turn white, which happens even for a simple (for most people) shot. After I told her she was amazing and Brian told me I was really brave, we were off for my treat- Greek food conveniently located across the street.

No, the real treat was hearing a couple seconds of that sweet, fluttering heart.


Leilani said...

I always looked forward to hearing the heartbeat at dr's appointments. Are you feeling better? 6 VILES???

Don Ashley and Tigger said...

I just laid in amazement on the table when they had the heartbeat up. The Dr. could not find it either, so they got the big ultrasound/screen out. It was amazing to actually see the tiny developing heart flicker!
-Yuck,they took a lot of blood from me too! My arm went numb. I asked if each hospital in the Knoxville area was getting a sample!

Grandma Corrales said...

the entire pregnancy experience is such an awe-inspiring event! It's pretty amazing to think that in a few more months our next grandchild will be born! November will be here before we know it and we can hardly wait! We hope you are feeling better these days and continue to pray that grandbaby #2 will be as healthy and happy as little Eli....did you get a due date yet?

Helena said...

Forgot to ask the doctor about it, but an online calendar says November 6th. I count that since the doctor went with my dates anyway.

Yes! Not feeling sick anymore. The b-vitamins are amazing alone, guess it wasn't the homeopathics.

Grandma Corrales said...

Glad to hear about the B vitamins...very interesting to me. I had to have B vitamin shots when I was pregnant with Kim and it was the only thing that helped me way back then! We will mark Nov. 6th on our calendar and will count the months until we can meet our newest member of the family.

Cristina said...

Aww that is so sweet. Its always amazing to hear the heart beat. And yes, you are brave. 6 Viles is a lot for one woman to take -- even if you aren't afraid of needles. Brian sounds like an amazing husband and a wonderful father, if I haven't told you yet. Can't wait to see the baby!!! Any names yet?